About the creators

Hello there, 

we are a team of two: Shannel Doshi and Yiting Liu. This is a project we did for NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program in our first semester in Fall 2019. 

Shannel comes from a background of 

Integrated Community Design from Parsons School of Design, New York. For this project, she worked on the fabrication development, coding individual interfaces using p5.js, a Javascript library and recipe design. 

Yiting comes from a background of Marketing and Communication Arts in University of Wisconsin-Madison. In this project, her major responsibility is working with Arduino, Javascript (especially the p5.js), serial communication between the two and the main fabrication design for the physical platform. 

Throughout this process of working together, we learned how to expand the project through multiple user-testings. We polished the code to make the game more intuitive and immersive for the users. It is without a doubt that we wouldn't reach to the fullness without the help from the faculties and peers in the Interactive Telecommunications Program in NYU. 


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